Best Lightweight Stroller Reviews

If you launch into buying a new baby stroller hoping to give your bundle of joy absolutely everything, you risk making an expensive mistake.

Fully loaded strollers have their place – and in the coming week we’ll be reviewing some of the best models for you – but how about if your real priorities are maneuverability and you also want something you can carry with relative ease?

Well, we’ve sifted through a wide spread of often mediocre models and assembled today’s lightweight stroller reviews. We’ve taken the time to spare you the trouble and you’ve got here 5 of the best nimble and compact strollers to choose from at a range of price points.

5 Best Lightweight Baby Stroller Reviews

Since not everyone is looking for the cheapest baby stroller, we’ll kick off today’s reviews with an expensive model from BabyHome, the revamped Emotion. While the shape and size of this uprated version of the modern classic hasn’t really changed, there’s now a highly effective canopy in place so it’s well worth investing in this new Emotion if you have the funds to stretch to it.

What is the latest price for this seat?

A glimpse at the core features before we double down on why this is one of the best lightweight strollers for anyone with a more fluid budget…


  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33 x 18 x 39 ½ inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 55 pounds
  • Age Range: 3 months and above
  • Harness: Five-point adjustable harness with shoulder pads


Available in a range of attractive colors, from bright to more understated and muted, you’re spoiled for choice with the Emotion.

Often, lightweight strollers involve some degree of compromise in order to deliver a unit that’s agile enough for awkward conditions but you don’t need to make any sacrifice with this BabyHome. Although it’s one of the lightest models at your disposal, it can cope with weights up to 55 pounds so it’s more than fit for most children even as they seem to grow bigger by the very minute.

Seat recline is one of the key issues if you want to make sure your baby is comfortable when asleep or awake. This seat rakes back to a 150-degree angle and the footrest is also adjustable so you’ll be able to ensure your bundle of joy feels relaxed at all times.

The handlebar is designed in such a manner you can push one-handed when circumstances call for it. As any mother knows, that happens amazingly often! You’ll also get a jumbo shopping basket to further streamline those moments when it feels like you need at least three hands. The narrow stroller lets you zip in and out of elevators or narrower doorways stress-free. We should draw your attention, though, to the fact this handlebar is not adjustable and it doesn’t work well if you’re over 6 feet tall.

In terms of ride quality, the removable wheels replete with shock absorbers also make navigation a breeze so it’s effortless for you and smooth going for your little one, too. A single pedal allows to brake effectively and without breaking your stride. This is absolutely key to keep safety uppermost and where it should be. This is compounded thanks to the outstanding five-point safety harness with shoulder pads. One thing we will slip in is that, despite what you might imagine from the skateboard-style wheels, the Emotion is not a strong performer on rough terrain so take this into account before committing to purchase.

This stroller is no fair weather friend, either. The canopy will stand up to even heavier downpours and when you end up back at your car, you’ll enjoy compatibility with Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Nuna and Graco car seats so you can move your baby seamlessly from stroller to seat as long as you invest in the requisite adapter and seat, of course.

The fabric is strong enough to stand up to some heavy use and it’s built to stay the distance. Draped over a solid but lightweight aluminum frame, BabyHome has served up a stroller that’s as easy to clean as it to push.

Folding the stroller down is child’s play as well. The stroller stands neatly upright once broken down so storing it away is a cinch and popping it in the trunk of a smaller car presents no problem whatsoever.

You’ll get nothing by the way of accessories unless you count the canopy. A cup holder and car adapter are both available at extra cost.

Before rounding out with our verdict, a snapshot of the leading advantage and drawbacks of the BabyHome Emotion…

  • Superlight and highly maneuverable so perfect for bustling city streets and popping in and out of your car with ease
  • Despite such a small footprint, load-bearing capacity is impressive at a full 55 pounds so ideal even for larger toddlers
  • Oversized footrest can be tweaked into a couple of different positions for maximum comfort
  • Aluminum and hard-wearing fabric delivering a winning combination of a lightweight stroller that’s also appropriately durable
  • Waterproof canopy with nifty magnetic closure so you can keep your baby dry while still in plain sight
  • There’s no way around it, this is not a cheap lightweight stroller, but it’s certainly among the best in a crowded market
  • Not the best option if you plan to head off-road with your stroller


Where many lightweight baby strollers shortchange in one area in order to deliver in another, you’ll get quality and attention to detail across the board with BabyHome’s Emotion.

If you have the spare cash and you’re on the hunt for comfort, convenience and quality on one highly attractive package, we strongly recommend checking out this top-notch lightweight stroller. It’s highly unlikely to disappoint and we’d urge you to pop it on your shortlist.

Lightweight baby strollers take on many forms and we’ve tried to include something for everyone today. Given the amount of traveling everyone seems to get through these days, it made sense to test some models ideal for taking on a plane.

What is the latest price for this seat?

So next up in our best lightweight stroller reviews, we’ve got the Besrey Airplane Lightweight Stroller. Make no mistake about it, though: this is not purely suitable for use on long haul flights. Read on to see where this innovative piece of kit comes into its own…

Lightweight Stroller Features

  • Weight: 10 ¾ pounds
  • Dimensions: 22 x 12 x 11 inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 33 pounds
  • Age Range: 6 months and above
  • Harness: Five-point harness with protective pads

When you’re hunting for a baby stroller you can take on board a plane, you need to bear a few important points in mind. The stroller must tip the scales at less than 20 pounds. You’ll also need it to fold inward, it needs to fit into the overhead locker, and you’ll also need to comply with size restrictions that vary from airline to airline. Luckily, the Besrey hits the spot on all counts.

The two-step folding you can initiate with a single click makes it super-simple to break this stroller down. This is particularly valuable when you’re going through airport security and hopping onto the plane but equally useful when you need to put your stroller in the trunk of the car.

While it folds down, the seat doesn’t recline. Also, you can fold it down single-handed but you will need both hands when it’s time to put it back up again. There’s a travel bag included so you can carry it while keeping it ready to recommission in a flash. As an added bonus, you can even use the broken down stroller in the bag as a makeshift seat, ideal for those times when all seats are taken at the boarding gate and you need to take a quick break.

Swivel wheels can turn through fully 360 degrees when they’re not locked into place. This feature comes fully to the fore if you’re pushing your baby across any kind of uneven terrain and you don’t want that freedom of movement that can become dangerous when you’re off-road.

The fabric canopy is easy to adjust through a number of positions and the handlebar can be removed to simplify getting your baby in or out of the stroller.

The bulky bassinet gives you ample room to store away all your basic necessities and even enough space to throw in a bit of shopping.

While it comes with a shower of benefits, the Besrey is a flawed gem. It doesn’t work well for either newborns or larger toddlers but for anything in between, you’ll struggle to find a better stroller in this class. The other snag that actually also serves as a plus point is the fact you can’t recline this stroller. Instead, you’ll get a solid backrest that enhances safety. With baby strollers, safety will always win out over convenience.

  • Fully compliant with the restrictions imposed by airlines on baby strollers and fits easily into overhead compartments so you’re in safe hands with the Besrey
  • One-click folding system elevates this stroller above much of the competition for pure ease of use
  • Bulky basket under the seat with ample room for diapers and everything else you need when you’re out and about with your baby
  • Ability to push and steer this stroller one-handed is ideal if you’re laden with baggage for your flight
  • Pedal brake lets you stop on a dime so perfect in crowded airports or outside on bust streets
  • Not ideal for toddlers and weight capacity is fairly limited at just 33 pounds
  • Reasonably expensive although we’d argue represents outstanding overall value


While this lightweight stroller is not without its drawbacks – notably that restrictively low weight limit and inability to recline the seat – you get such a versatile travel solution that we found it quite easy to overlook a couple of minor drawbacks.

As with the BabyHome Emotion, this is not by any means a cheap stroller but you’ll get robust functionality, convenience and the small footprint you need for traveling so we’d suggest if you’re always on the go, you road test this stroller since it ticks all boxes for frequent flyers.

Entering the Guinness Book of Records in 2014 as the world’s smallest folding stroller, the Pockit is a stealthy and understated model perfect for minimalists and miniaturists. You’ll be able to flick from pushing to carrying in seconds flat.

What is the latest price for this seat?

Next up in our best lightweight stroller reviews, this travel companion is not only remarkably small and light, it’s got the strength and rigidity to complement those scaled-down dimensions. Take a quick look at the key stats – we’ve kept these uniform across our lightweight stroller reviews so you can more easily compare them – and then we’ll laser in on what makes the Pockit stroller stand out in a glutted market.


  • Weight: 9 ½ pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 ¾ x 7 x 13 ¾ inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 55 pounds
  • Age Range: 6 months and above
  • Harness: Five-point safety harness with crotch and shoulder pads

Although you won’t be able to slip your newborn into the Pockit, from 6 months up until around the age of 4, you’ve got an adaptable and hard-hitting stroller that should prove a fantastic investment even if it’s not the cheapest lightweight stroller. And if money is too tight to mention, we’ve got a treat for anyone budget-conscious coming up soon.

Much like the Besrey, this is another lightweight stroller that makes air travel a breeze. You can slot it into the overhead compartment without standing on ceremony. To put the dimensions into full perspective, you can even fit it inside a large handbag. You can also pick up a travel bag which will keep your stroller nicely contained although this is not included.

Although the Pockit is micro-sized, you’ll get a surprising amount of on-board storage. From diapers and bay wipes through to a bit of light shopping, you can throw everything you need under the seat with ease. You can hold up to 11 pounds of equipment and provisions.

As with all the best baby strollers, the wheels rotate through 360 degrees. Alternatively, you can lock them into place when the going gets rough. Pushing is a cinch and the Pockit is designed so you can do this with one hand which comes in useful surprisingly often.

Polyester and polyurethane serve to give you both comfort and durability. The harness is padded in the areas where it counts

It’s imperative you protect your little one from those fierce beating rays of sun when you’re out for a wander. Although not the largest canopy, your toddler will remain protected while still getting plenty of fresh air.

  • Incredibly small footprint and superlight nature gives you the ultimate in maneuverability and convenience while still offering you all the strength and safety you need
  • Storage basket has an exceptional 11-pound capacity so pop in several bags of shopping without a care in the world
  • Very versatile stroller accommodating babies from 6 months old right through to 4-year-old toddlers
  • Breaks down in 2 simple steps then you can stand the stroller up or carry the tiny package with ease whether you’re hopping on a train or simply nipping into your favorite coffee shop
  • Front wheels swivel when you need a bit more freedom of movement but lock into place when stability is order of the day
  • Doesn’t work well with newborn babies so you’ll need something to take you through to the 6-month stage


We’ll always gladly highlight any drawbacks when we’re outlining any product. Unlike the Besrey, which has a number of notable disadvantages, the prize-winning Pockit is a tiny beauty that punches significantly above its weight.

As we near the end of our best lightweight stroller reviews, we’ve got a cheap option for anyone who needs a functional stroller on a real budget. As with the Kolcraft we’ll look at to round out, you can’t expect an all-singing stroller for this kind of money but the Summer Infant 3D is an effective piece of kit at an extremely attractive price with a swelling number of satisfied fans.

What is the latest price for this seat?


  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Dimensions: 41 x 8 ¾ x 10 inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 55 pounds
  • Age Range: 3 months and above
  • Harness: Five-point harness

While this lightweight stroller would work well to supplement your full-sized or jogger model, you’ll also get robust enough functionality for it to serve as a standalone model.

The aluminum frame means you’ll get all the strength you need without being weighed down. Folding the stroller is accomplished by simply lifting the handle, pushing down on the lever with your foot and then folding it down so you’ll have it up and in the trunk of your car without straining yourself.

It’s all well and good to have a lightweight and compact stroller but little use if you end up without adequate storage space. Although the manufacturer advises you not to overload the basket, you’ll still get 10 pounds of gear in without a problem so you should have room for all your baby essentials.

Whether your baby wants to sleep or you need to make an impromptu diaper change, you’ll be able to recline the seat almost fully flat which is unexpected at this price-point. The only issue is that you can’t really get the seat completely upright so your baby will always be slightly reclined, not a deal-breaker but definitely worth being aware of.

The ride is surprisingly comfortable and, while the wheels are not quite in the league of the BabyHome Emotion, they’re again better than you could hope for from a cheap stroller. This is the kind of model that regularly has you asking how you can get so much in return for so little. The wheels are 6 inches and come packing a swivel lock. You’ll cope well on uneven city streets but you’ll struggle if you try going off-road.

Unlike a lot of lightweight umbrella strollers, the padded and contoured foam handles won’t leave your palms suffering like some of the harder rubberized versions. This is a small but important touch and one more reason the Summer Infant 3D Lite made it onto our list of the best lightweight strollers.

  • Super-simple to fold and unfold so great if you spend a lot of time making short trips in the car without eating up too much space in the trunk
  • Storage basket is plenty deep and also strong enough to hold 10 pounds of baby supplies so you can go out fully kitted up without needing to hang bags off the handlebars
  • Anti-shock wheels work well on bumpy, uneven streets while ensuring your precious cargo get a comfy ride
  • Canopy with UV visor can be angled to provide optimum protection for your baby at all times
  • The seat reclines fully to afford maximum comfort, a surprise winner for an inexpensive stroller
  • Canopy storage pocket can get in the way if you move the canopy a bit further forward
  • Prone to tipping backwards if you take your baby out of the stroller while you’re balancing bags on the handles so avoid this


While some cheap strollers will leave you frustrated and wishing you’d stretched to something a little pricier, the Summer Infant 3D delivers fully while also coming in within pretty much any budget.

There are amazingly few serious faults with this stroller and that’s something of a rarity at this end of the market. One of the reasons we decided to focus on baby strollers is to help you where we felt let down ourselves. If you get things wrong at this end of the price spectrum, it can be a case of “Buy cheap, buy twice.” With the Summer Infant 3D, you should only need one stroller to see you right through until your beloved child starts taking those first confident steps and the stroller can be set aside for good!

Rounding out our best lightweight baby stroller reviews, we’ve got a budget-friendly option with the enduringly popular Kolcraft Cloud Plus. If you’re looking for an inexpensive stroller but you don’t want to dip out on build quality or safety features, look no further.

What is the latest price for this seat?

Kolcraft is a third generation family firm that’s been in the baby business for well over half a century after starting out with crib pads and crib mattresses. The company launched the first plastic baby carrier way back in 1980 and they’ve been going from strength to strength ever since.

We’ll highlight the core features before lasering in on the key selling points of this cheap but effective lightweight stroller.


  • Weight: 12 ½ pounds
  • Dimensions: 18 ½ x 11 ½ x ¾ inches
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 50 pounds
  • Age Range: Newborn and upwards
  • Harness: Five-point adjustable safety harness

As with all our best baby stroller reviews, we’re not here to lead you up the garden path. We’ll frankly underscore some of the problems with the Kolcraft Cloud Plus so you can go into this purchase with your eyes wide open. This is not to say it’s not an effective and nimble little stroller simply that it does come with a number of disadvantages that bear drawing your attention to.

The harness is the standard issue five-point safety that’s easy enough to adjust but the side straps call for double threading which is slightly tiresome and tasky.

Although there is a leg rest, it’s not possible to adjust so you won’t be able to give your little one the variation available with positioning some more expensive strollers to offer.

Plastic wheels are easy enough to maneuver on level ground and there’s front wheel suspension in place. If you end up moving onto gravel or grass, though, you’ll find yourself bogged down so this is certainly not an off-road stroller. Again, you should think carefully about the price tag before being too harsh on this stroller.

Build quality overall leave something to be desired. If money is no object, this is absolutely not the stroller for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a bargain and you’re happy to get by with a lightweight model that’s more than good enough for a basic walk along paved streets while giving you the safety features you need including a decent canopy while also being light enough to fold down and lift into your car with absolute ease, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus is well worth popping on your shortlist.

  • Fully extendable canopy gives your little one complete protection against the sun so you can enjoy your walk in the park worry-free
  • You can accommodate your newborn while you’ll also get the flexibility to push toddlers up to 50 pounds making this a great all-purpose stroller
  • Combination of front suspension and all-terrain wheels makes this stroller a dream if you need to hustle over any rougher terrain without shaking your toddler around
  • You’ll get a pair of drink holders and a reasonably robust storage area which is a nice touch on a budget stroller
  • One-handed folding and the stroller also stands up when folded
  • Build quality is not the highest but you expect some kind of compromise with a stroller coming in at this keen a price point
  • 1-year limited warranty is not the strongest but it’s better than nothing at all and you need to be realistic in this price bracket
  • Cup holders are fit for purpose but rather narrow


When you’re buying a cheap lightweight stroller, you need to keep your expectations realistic. The hit you’ll take with the Kolcraft is that it’s slightly heavier than some of the competition and it also feels a little fragile. While there are some other flaws we haven’t held back on underlining, it offers a great deal of versatility and you just can’t complain about the price.

Final Word

We very much hope that you’ve found something that fits your needs and budget with these lightweight baby stroller reviews.

Come back soon since we’ve got a full series of stroller reviews catering for all the main varieties on the market. Check out our detailed buying guide if you need some more specific guidance on which type would work best for you and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got any queries at all.

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